Let your space do the talking

and lease your property faster

FlatTurtle is a new type of tech for commercial real estate.

While other technology solutions can help to increase property viewings or manage the leasing process, FlatTurtle aims to convert viewers into tenants by making your space more attractive, responsive and innovative

With FlatTurtle’s visual information displays you can automatically respond to the needs and questions of property viewers, without having to source content. Find out how.

How FlatTurtle works

FlatTurtle visualises information

about your location on flat screen displays

whether these are installed in your entrance hall, restaurant or even your elevator.

Add a sophisticated building directory, display a map of the local area, share live traffic information, provide half hourly weather updates and even leave welcoming messages for your visitors. These are just a few of the possibilities FlatTurtle can offer.

FlatTurtle InfoScreen

How FlatTurtle could help

Change the entire feel of your space

with easily-managed displays

  • Make potential tenants feel at home by customising the look and feel of your screens from any device.
  • Immediately make new tenants welcome by displaying their details – and logo – in the tenants’ directory
  • Show off how green you are by displaying real-time energy savings and CO2-neutral transport options.
  • Keep potential and current tenants informed by displaying service messages.
  • Make life easy for tenants with live traffic, public transport and even airport departure updates.
  • Promote local or in-house amenities and services whether restaurants, laundry facilities or the next yoga class. You can even sync FlatTurtle with your building’s calendar.

Plug & play

With low input, FlatTurtle allows you to make a big impact

In three easy steps you can turn your commercial real estate into an attractive and accessible space.

1. Plug-in

Plug your TurtleBox into any HD display through a HDMI port.

2. Connect

Once it has been plugged in, connect your TurtleBox to the internet.

3. Set up

Via your my.FlatTurtle.com account you can manage your devices remotely, customise their appearance and change the information displayed.

FlatTurtle All-in-one



With FlatTurtle software your displays will be highly customisable. Add logos, change colours and even add personal messages to make potential and current tenants feel welcome.

FlatTurtle login

What can I display?


In real-time.

FlatTurtle uses automatic real-time feeds and unique technology to provide a growing number of TurtleApps.

We already offer a wide selection of fresh content that will slide easily into your display and refresh automatically, giving you more time to concentrate on managing your space. It’s also completely cloud managed, so that other than your TurtleBox no hardware is required.

Examples of our TurtleApps include: live road traffic; airport departures and train schedule updates; walking distances to public transport; images; video; emergency or service announcements; live local news and weather; shared meeting room or seminar calendars and even building directories and RSS feeds.

Through the TurtleApps available we aim to respond to the needs of your potential tenants and enhance the usability of your real estate. Is there a particular TurtleApp you would like to see? Let us know.

FlatTurtle technology

Track your visitors

With our Wi-Fi solution we can help you to track the amount of visitors to your space and send information directly to their devices.

These useful statistics will help you to analyse engagement with your space and improve future tours, while this innovative method of communication will make information about your space easily accessible to visitors. Contact us to find out more.

FlatTurtle WiFiTurtle


"FlatTurtle helps stressing the accessibility of our buildings: it provides everything to the candidate at one glance."

— Gijsbert van Riemsdijk, UBS

"A very positive impression... Provides useful information and adds a dynamic image."

— Christophe Mignot, IVG

"FlatTurtle visualises useful information about a specific location, in real-time."

— Christophe Jacobs, Codic

"Not being local, the display helped us to understand the accessibility."

— Prakash Selva, Tech Mahindra

"It really does what we need: convince potential tenants."

— Alexander Baeten, Tribeca Capital Partners

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Would you like to know more about FlatTurtle?

Contact us via telephone, email or even post -- though email is much quicker.

+32 (0)2 669 1001
Avenue du Port 86c - 18, 1000 Brussels in Belgium


Yeri Tiete

Yeri Tiete


Yeri handles the day-to-day management of FlatTurtle. Before launching FlatTurtle system engineer Yeri worked on iRail, a not for profit mobile phone app designed to make public transport easier. It caused havoc in Belgian parliament.

Pieter Colpaert

Johan Dams


Our new CTO Johan Dams is covering for Pieter Colpaert, who is now taking time out to work on his PhD. Johan has a huge amount of experience and is the co-founder and CTO of WRD Systems.

Christophe Petitjean

Christophe Petitjean


In his creative projects, economist and INSEAD product Christophe is finally able to combine his passion for data with his business knowledge. While working with FlatTurtle, Christophe also runs his own niche business, which aims to lease long-term office properties in record time.

Pieter Colpaert

Pieter is in charge of all software projects. He’s an engineer and also the chairman of Open Knowledge Foundation Belgium, a growing not for profit organisation. Alongside this, Pieter is working on a PhD in Linked Open Data at Ghent University..

Nik Torfs

Data developer - makes sure the latest datastreams are available for your location.

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